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Due to the Coronavirus and that we are relocating, we will not be taking on new clients until January of 2021.

Book Group will help anyone with any problem that involves books or printed matter.

Problems can be:

Need for a catalog system for a library or actually the cataloging the books

Find the just right set of shelves for a library

Work out the arrangement of the books on those shelves

Have a manuscript written or edited

Help designing a book or getting it printed

Repair or rebind a book or journal which is falling apart

Make custom clamshell box or slip case it to protect it from the elements

We can help you with any action that involves books.

Spine repair, clanshell, shelf

The spine was repaired on this 4″ x 4″ book. A clamshell box was made with spacers to enlarge the box and will not get lost when added to it’s place on the shelf.

front cover of Our Magic after repair

Book Repair/ Restoration :

We are happy to evaluate your item in person by appointment at no cost to you.  Do not live in our area?  We still evaluate your items for free, however you must cover the cost of return postage.

The current minimum charge for repair is $100.00, which covers the first two hours of labor on the new project.  Cost of all hours after the first two is $75.00 per hour plus materials.

50% of the total cost is due on signing contract.  The remaining 50% due upon completion.

Some of the services we regularly provide:

  • Antiquarian book repair, conservation and preservation
  • Bible repair and conservation
  • Writing and editing manuscripts for publication
  • Printing and binding consultation for authors and publishers
  • Catalog and organizational consultation for larger collections
  • Finding THE right shelves for a collection
  • Custom binding and rebinding
  • Custom slipcases and clamshells boxes for collectable, delicate, and/or awkwardly sized books, pamphlets, and magazines
  • Seminars on all aspects of book authorship and the care of libraries or collections.

Some of the services specific to paper and book conservation:

  • Spine repair and replacement
  • Page repair — tears, worn edges, and missing pieces
  • Resewing (broken or missing stitches)
  • Corner repair
  • Case and cover repair or replacement