The Book Group Services

The Book Group has moved the repair / restoration studio to Ruth, Nevada.

All other services have stayed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Book Group can help you with any service that involves books or printed matter

Services include:

      Repair or rebind a book or journal which is falling apart

      Need for a catalog system for a library or actually cataloging the books

      Find the just right set of shelves for a library

      Working out the arrangement of the books on those shelves

      Have a manuscript written or edited

      Help designing a book or getting it printed

      Make custom Clamshell Boxes or Slip Cases it to protect items from the elements. 

Services we regularly provide are:

Services specific to paper and book conservation include:

  • Spine repair and replacement
  • Page repair — tears, worn edges, and missing pieces
  • Resewing (broken or missing stitches)
  • Corner repair
  • Case and cover repair or replacement

Book Repair/ Restoration :

front cover of Our Magic after repair

Book Repair / Restoration is done in Ruth, Nevada. Email or Call 775-289-6798 or Text 702-286-9144. The shipping address is Book Group  25 Juniper  Ruth NV 89319-0513

Evaluation of your items is free. But, you are responsible for the cost of return postage. The current minimum charge for repair is $150.00 an hour with a minimum of two hours. 50% of the total cost is due on signing contract.  The remaining 50% due upon completion.