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Ace of Books / The Book Group

The Book Group was form in 1994 when Pat McCarty and Leo Behnke joined their knowledge and skills together.  Ace of Books is the book repair part of The Book Group.  The Book Group has been providing book services to individuals, collectors, libraries, museums, non-profit and for profit groups and corporations.  We have spoken as guests at fine booksellers, hobby stores, and collectors associations across the country on a broad range of topics related to books and book binding, preservation and conservation.

The overall organization will help anyone with any problem that involves books.  We help create cataloging system for an individual library or actually catalog the books.  Find the just right set of shelves for a library and work out the arrangement of the books on those shelves. Write a manuscript or edited one.  Help design a book or get it printed.  Repair or rebind a book or journal that is falling apart.  Or, make a custom clamshell box to protect those special items from the elements. We help you with any action that involves books.

about Pat McCarty

Pat McCarty

Pat McCarty retired in 2015 from the University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries after 30 years.  During those year, she created and ran the Preservation Lab for 15 of them.  She received training from Randy Silverman at the University of Utah’s Marriott Library in book repair/preservation.  When on vacations she has been able to visit other institutions’ preservation and book repair units.  She has shared this information through book repair classes, guest speaking at meetings, and individual instruction.



about Leo Behnke

Leo Behnke

Leo Behnke has been a profession magician for over 50 years.  As an author he has compiled an impressive list of over 70 titles for both the magic world and the lay public.  The book and articles all involve magic and have sold around the world, most recently being translated into German.  Along the way he has been the librarian for a number of conjuring collections, married a library preservationist, and for the last few years has specialized in collection conservation.