Clamshell Boxes / Slip Cases

Clamshell Boxes / Slip Cases protect books and keepsakes from harm due to the atmosphere, handling, and storage.  Clamshell Boxes are not only dust proof and almost waterproof, but also give good  protection in a fire.Starting at $250.00 for a simple 6″ X 9″ box are made in Las Vegas, NV.  Interested email:

Clamshell Boxes

Clamshell Boxes are custom-fit boxes made for precious fragile items to be preserved in there original condition.   Family bibles, a bound book or set of books, loose papers, and journals are provided a stylish and professional appearance, while offering the necessary protection against harmful light, dirt, and the usual wear.

Leather, cloth, or paper is used to cover the boxes.

Uses for Clamshell Boxes are:

Loose papers like birth, marriage, and death certificates.

Loose issues of a magazine or journal.

Individual issues of Easy Magic

All individual issues of Easy Magic together in one box

To prevent this set of periodicals (about 3″ x 4 1/2″) from being lost when put on a shelf with other books a Clamshell Box was made to the height of an average book.  By building four wells in the Clamshell Box with a ribbon under each makes for easy removal.   Also, all four volumes of this set are together.

Midget Magician issues

Midget Magician issues in a Clamshell Box  that sits on a shelf with other books.

Family Bibles, note books, and keepsakes

Protect your family bible with a Clamshell Box when it is to costly to restore it.  Stamping the family name lets heirs know who the bible belonged to.  Holy Bible can be stamped on the front cover and the spine for easy identification when put on the shelf.

Have several scrap books, all a different size?  These are good candidates for Clamshell Boxes.  By making boxes all the same size with spacers to keep the books from shifting, allows you to store them easily.

Small books become lost on the shelf, but a Clamshell Box will bring the height up to the rest of the books.

Slip Cases

Protect paperback books or books with dust jackets with a Slip Case.  Slip Cases contain a book, or set of books, with one side open so that the spine of the book is visible.  Its function is to protect the edges from soiling and the covers from wear, tears, and the elements.

Protect the covers from damage by placing a paperback book or pamphlet in a slip case.  Titling the spine of slip case will protect the spine of the book from fading as it is shelved facing the back of the shelf.

Copying the front cover of the two signed books onto glossing paper gives a different look to the slip case made for them.